Tuesday, April 12, 2011

in the near future

I finished this piece late last night, but I was too tired to scan and post it. I'll be adding it to my etsy store momentarily.(kengarduno.etsy.com)
Now that it's confirmed, I can mention that I have my next solo show scheduled for August of this year at LeBasse Projects in Chinatown (Los Angeles). I went to check out the space this past weekend, and I'm pretty excited about it. Mark your calendars!! That means I may not get a chance to post as many finished pieces as I have been. Rather, I'll probably be posting mostly sketches in the coming months while I prepare for the show. I also have a few cool group shows coming up including the Edward Scissorhands group show, a group show at WWA gallery in Culver City in May, and a few other that I'm not remembering at this moment. I also have Comic Con coming up in July, so it's going to be an interesting next few months. I'll post more info on the upcoming shows as I get it.


Roxy M said...

Yaaay! Go Ken! :D

M. DeLeRee said...

Very cool, Ken. I see why "focus" was on your mind. I'll miss the updates, but look forward to the pictures from premiere night!

Anonymous said...

GF really likes this one!, ...what she said & I agree. :^) RSVP