Sunday, September 27, 2009


this is not to be missed.if you're in LA, you should drop by. it's going to be a pretty big event with lot's of galleries involved.
i'll have some work up again this year.

Monday, September 21, 2009

problems, and stuff.

i've been trying to get logged into blogger for the past week, but i've been having problems on both safari and firefox. i haven't been able to post anything because of this. for some reason, safari just let me sign on. i hope whatever problem i'm having with this site are over!

i was asked a while back to contribute to a book project called "the ark project". each artist was asked to illustrate an animal to be rescued on the ark. we weren't allowed to discuss anything about the project until now.(the book is coming out soon).below is my contribution...a vulture.

for more info on the book, go here:

what have i been up to lately, you ask?
alot. please keep reading. i have a bunch of stuff i'm working on right now for gallery shows and commercial work.

see you soon.