Friday, October 08, 2010

LA Weekly

I was asked a few weeks ago to illustrate a section of the latest LA Weekly for their "Best of 2010" issue. I had a great time with this assignment. I had to do some 1970's reference research, since that was the decade I was chosen to illustrate. I just got back from New York last night, and I picked up the issue on the way home from the airport. It looks great, thanks to the skills of Darrick Rainey of the weekly.

First, a couple of rejected sketches:

This first image is the full page section opener. The type was changed in the final printed version, but I don't have an image of that. I think it was a great decision by Darrick. The new digitally added type has much more of a 1970's vibe than my hand painted type.

These next three images are the spots that are peppered in throughout the section. Pick up the issue if you get a chance. The other artists he used are really cool too!

Lastly, on a unrelated subject, I wanted to post a page from my sketchbook. I rarely sketch in a sketchbook anymore, but I had 6 hours of free time on the airplane from NY to LA. It's pretty much the only sketch I've done in the last seven days, so I thought I'd share.

Until next time...


Shannon said...

love these!!!

James Chong said...

pom poms. great!

James Chong said...

woah. i just realized ^both our profile avatars have a fake mustache.. but shannons is way cooler.

Anonymous said...

Ken is the best! - JA