Tuesday, July 20, 2010

see you in about a week?

i won't be posting to my blog for about a week, while i'm down at comic con. i thought i'd post a preview of a few things i'll have available at table F1. first, this is a piece that will be in our group zine "fauna vs. flora". the zine has work from some good friends, as well as a couple new friends. The artists included in the zine are Tom Haubrick, Travis Jackson (who also did a great cover for the zine), JAW cooper, lacy mccune, katherine brannok, and myself.a mini painting,
and a small 8 page zine that i put together by folding this painting. it's a limited edition of 38.

i hope this blog entry isn't too confusing. i'm too exhausted to go back and edit! see you all soon...

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Zoe said...

Ha! I love the girl with the starry veil. It makes me think of Dune, for some reason. I just found your blog and it's great stuff!