Tuesday, June 15, 2010

by the beach...laguna beach

this is going to be a really fun show. it's the first of a few shows i have coming up in the next few months, and what a show it is! i'm showing with my good friends tom haubrick, and andrew hem. i'm excited to be in such good company!thank you suzanne(ashes in orange peels), for putting this together!


Roxy M said...

I'm so pumped for this shooow, congrats!! :D

evanjed said...

you're friends with andrew hem? does that mean you went to otis too? it seems like all of the great artists I've been digging on lately went to school there. I've got a buddy there right now. Almost makes me want apply.

mexiken said...

hey evanjed, we actually went to art center together. i think maybe he might have done a few demos at otis? you're right, though. there are a bunch of great artists coming out of otis!