Monday, January 17, 2011

a bit early for this...

I was asked to be in a tribute to Edward Scissorhands show coming up at gallery Nucleus. This is my contribution.

I'd like to thank Sebastien Mesnard ( for including me in the show. The art so far is pretty awesome, and can be viewed at

I'll post more info on the show as it draws closer. As far as I know, it's sometime in April.


maria dup du ap said...

I like your style
I love this Edward crazy hair, looks like a stave

brigette b said...

I'm gonna buy this at the show. I'm going to try, at least. I know I like it, cuz I keep thinking about it. You really caught Winona, and that's hard, cuz she's one of those gals that kind of doesn't look like anything. Saving my pennies!