Friday, August 27, 2010


i realized that i haven't posted anything about my latest tshirt design. the design is not new, but it's one of my personal favorites. the shirt will be available at PACSUN in the next few days. check your local pacsun for availability! the shirt comes with a button with another of my favorite images. i've posted a pic below of my shirt design modeled by my good friend eric davison.
i also posted a piece i just finished tonight...

i have some artwork coming back to me soon, so it's time to make space again. if anyone is interested, email me at and i'll send you some images along with a special discounted price list as soon as i get the available works back.


Roxy M said...

Consider this shirt a future purchase of mine! Also that guy makes a very good model

Randall said...

Neat fact, went into my local PacSun, and though they did not have this shirt in stock, they hooked me up with a free shipping card so I could get it offline for no additional cost.

Personally, I'm proud to wear anything with your impeccable work on it, sir.