Saturday, April 17, 2010

let the ink flow.

i've been having fun working in color lately. i do, however, miss working with black/grey wash so i'll be going back to doing a few of those soon. this piece was especially fun for me. i really enjoy painting loosely with my inks.
"reality overload"


Gatz said...

incredible piece!!
may i ask what size do you usually work with? i'd also love to learn a little bit about your painting process. Thank you for the inspiration!

yigi chang said...

so great!

Roxy M said...

Wonderful, I've been trying to be more loose with my paint too!! It's a lot of fun! :D

mexiken said...

thanks, everyone.
gatz: i tend to work in the 9"x12" range. i'll try to post something soon about my painting process... maybe some process pics. thanks for the suggestion, and i hope you keep reading the blog!