Wednesday, December 16, 2009

web designers?

i mentioned that i illustrated a cover for penguin books in a previous post. the book is called "light boxes", and it's a very good book. I've also read that it will be made into a film soon, and it's getting a lot of hype. now, i'll get to the point of mentioning all this.
shane jones, the author of this great book, asked me if i knew anyone who has web design skills, who can help to make a website for this book. these are his words:

"hey ken,

a quick question - do you have any friends that are savvy/work for cheap website designers?

i need an "official" site. penguin books doesn't pay, and i can pay only $200-$300. it would be good exposure for a designer - with all the hype on the book and all.

let me know if you have any leads.

i want the site to be fairly simple, but really fresh and modern. if that makes sense in any way."

if you're interested, send him an email to:

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