Tuesday, October 27, 2009


this doesn't come out until next year, but i thought i'd post about it early.
i was contacted by paul buckley from penguin books a while back. he asked me to do a cover for a reprint of this book, "light boxes" by a very talented writer by the name of Shane Jones. i had a chance to read the book a couple of times before i did the illustration, and it's amazing. i'm excited that my work will be on the cover of his book.
i'll keep you all posted to let you know when it comes out. thanks paul, and thank you shane!


Dzhony_df said...

i like it Ken!

Mattias said...


mexiken said...

thanks guys.
mattias: i really love your work!

gaddsj said...

Simply great! Remindes me a little of the late Paul Flora whom I also liked a lot.

Keep up the great work!

Regards from Zurich,