Thursday, August 07, 2008

upcoming shows.

first show to mentions is 8-8-08(friday night) at subtext gallery in san diego.i dont have a flier image for this show, but you can view the details online at
it's a great lineup of ink illustrators. check it out if youre in the area.
these are the 2 pieces i have in the show:

the next show i'll be in is at project gallery in los angeles on august 16th(saturday).it's hosted by my good friends over at friends united network(FUN).i dont have a flier for this show either, but here is a link to that.

last, but certainly not least is this show.this show is not to be missed.the shows at 1988 are always fun.

i'll post the work from the second two shows as the draw closer.

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Badluck13 said...

I saw the Cable Guy piece up on the Crazy 4 Cult blog. So awesome!