Friday, August 03, 2007

if anybody reads this...

sorry that i havent updated in awhile.i just finished doing comic con, and now i'm playing catch up.i have a bunch of stuff in the works.i'm working on a show at the conference room(in the hills of beverly), with ryan pratt in september.2 man, i will be in the project room for a show in september in atlanta, ga at foundation one gallery.that's a crap load of art i have to do in a short amount of time, so i apologize ahead of time for not updating this thing.
please check out my myspace page, and add me as a friend if you havent already.


Omernos said...

Man you're art is amazing, it's so inspiring I love every detail about it.

I wish you'd update this blog more often so I'd constantly visit it and read about your latest.

Also, I was wondering if you could put up more of your work as prints on BlueFlip Art! You got amazing stuff there, but in your gallery you got a bunch of ones (especially the ones with women in them :D ) I'd personally buy!

Best of luck

Anonymous said...

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